Monday, November 23, 2009

Hola from Mexico!

Hello iFoundry, and whoever else reads this!

I arrived today in Playa del Carmen where I am spending Thanksgiving break with my family. The weather is a thousand times better than in Champaign! I'm going SCUBA diving all week... and hopefully doing an 80 ft bull shark dive later in the week! I love sharks. Which reminds me that I have been thinking about these Passionate Pursuit things that Kevin thought up. Unfortunately, I have class on Thursday at noon next semester that I cannot change. And that sucks! I think that we should change the time of the meeting week to week so that the people who are stuck with class at the designated time aren't always left out... because I would love to stand up and talk about things I like for as long as anyone is willing to listen.

Some ideas for things I am passionate enough about to pursue:
-sharks (although pursuing them is not always the best idea) and SCUBA diving in general
-German, Germany, German food, German everything. basically.
-traveling the world
-art (making my own... I know very little about art history)

Hopefully I'll be able to participate.

See you all soon!


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