Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy November?

Hello all,

I feel like I probably should have started this sooner. Oh well.

So today in ENG 198 our group decided that we are going to use K'Nex to build the mechanical parts of our Arduino. That's pretty thrilling. I'm going to have my mom send them tomorrow so that we can have them in time for the next class. We decided it would be easier to use K'Nex than to have to deal with glue and wood and saws and screws. And whatever else that entails. Are we allowed to use duct tape? Suggestion: there should be an iFoundry K'Nex class. I'd take it.

In other engineering-related news, I may be going to Indonesia this December to volunteer on a project with students from Singapore. Again, very exciting.

Also, Friday night we had an ESS social event. We went to the Homegrown Talent Show at the union, and saw all sorts of crazy displays of talent. We are considering organizing an iFoundry talent show. Hahaha



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